About Me

My name is Lucie and I am avid hiker and explorer.  I love traveling, hiking and backpacking!! I am also a weekend warrior and  live for time spend outside hiking, climbing, backpacking, camping or kayaking.  I am currently living in Portland, Oregon and getting more and more into legit mountain climbing, which is super exciting. I am originally from Prague and traveled and lived all around the globe which opened up lot of opportunities for me. 

My husband/hiking partner Ethan and I usually spend our days in the woods, up a mountain, or on a beach.

About CHT

Climb Hike Travel is a website dedicated to adventure. It is here to provide a space for all outdoor enthusiasts to share their stories. Our trip reports can help you prepare for your own travels, and hopefully our photography will inspire some to begin their life of adventure. Also, Climb Hike Travel is not just a personal blog, it is the beginning of a community. We are an outpost for wandering souls, and if your life leads you down the road less traveled, you are more than welcome to share your stories with us, and the world.  


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